History of ODsd

Ora, David, Sarina, and Daniel (ODsd) are working on a new family web site. David built our first web site in 1991 at MIT. After moving to Menlo Park in 1994, we started using best.com for email and web site hosting. best.com was subsequently purchased by Verio, where we stayed until January 2013.

In around 2006, David translated the web site from lovingly hand-coded HTML into a more modern (FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. At this point, it seems kind of silly to be rolling our own: lots of families host their web site without knowing anything about HTML, {F,L}AMP, or other four-letter words. Please let us know if you have recommendations for hosting a family web site. We're currently hosting using the Google sites functionality of Google apps, but aren't yet committed to this particular service.

David is now at Pinterest and is using this site to try out Pinterest's advertising products. Here are a few images from art projects that might make good pins...